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Mid-Winter’s Date

July 22, 2012

It was the perfect way to warm up on a crisp winter’s day – an afternoon cycle in the sunshine. Shaun found a bicycle path that we hadn’t yet explored and decided to surprise me with a Sunday afternoon date. Taking some time out for dates and having fun together is an essential part to keeping the romance in a relationship and whilst we haven’t perfected the art, we do make an effort to invest that time on a regular occasion and both share in the fun of planning surprise outings. We both love cycling so that’s always a nice way to spend time together and get a little exercise.  The wetlands of North Ipswich (more photos here) is simply a little bit of a winter paradise in the heart of suburbia with deciduous trees reminiscent of a Victorian forest and autumn leaves scattered along paths and plenty of lush green grass to share an afternoon picnic and a cuddle. We spent the afternoon in the sunshine – exploring the wetlands cycling paths near where we live.

Style Guide: One must dress the part so I put together this ensemble resplendent with autumnal tones and leg warmers to boot! He found these cool vintage leg warmers not long ago and was going to use them as arm warmers for riding but I commandeered them (plus they almost colour match my boots) – the shorts I adore and have worn in many different looks – they are Country Road with beautiful fabric imported from Europe and a classic cut – plus a vintage driving cap and scarf – one must cycle chic darling. He wears staple denim with Industrie check shirt.

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