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Savoir-Faire….getting started with a financial plan

October 29, 2012

Do you have cash reserves? According to Financial Planning Magazine 45% of working Australians have one month or less of savings to tide them over if they lost their job, with 20% of this group with no cash buffer at all. Financial stress is one of the biggest contributors to strained relationships and separations. In the early days of our relationship I found that arguments were often caused by the absence of a mutually agreed financial plan even without the added strain of a crisis. The solution we found was to identify the source of the contention, agree to work on it together then create a plan to move forward. Over the next few months I will be sharing some tips and strategies that have worked for us and allow us to enjoy life without worrying about money.

Make a commitment today to begin saving three months of basic living expenses. If you are in a committed, long term relationship then this is a process that will need to be negotiated with your partner. It will also need to be realistic and achievable. If you are not sure what that figure would be or need to start with the basics of building a sound budget, drop us a line for a copy of Savoir-Faire, our simple spreadsheet that will help take the stress out of your personal or family budget, help you get control of your finances and give you the tools to create an exciting future for you and your loved ones! I look forward to sharing with you and hearing about your progress…..just remember the best is yet to come!

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