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Samuel’s House

October 30, 2012

Many years ago I met a little boy at a bus stop in Khon Kaen, NE Thailand. Whilst at the time, I was a student living on lentils and mung beans and without a great deal of surplus,  meeting that young man was a turning point in my life. When the opportunity arose in 2006 to help accommodate a few children, we could not have known where a simple decision to do what we could would lead to. Each year  we have a practice of giving away the equivalent of a weeks salary which is based on the Jewish tradition know as the first harvest offering. The concept reminds us that there is an abundant available to those who give and the practice helps to free our minds from the fear of scarcity.

With a committed oversight team and a growing support network of friends, family, colleagues and associates, Samuel’s House now provides a loving home to twelve children and is moving into the broader field of community development. Being a part of this project is such a blessing and we continuously feel as though we receive more than we give. Contribution is one of the many joys of living with an abundance mentality and being prosperous on purpose (more on that to come). Shaun and I personally sponsor Ben, a little man that has become very special to us. Ben first arrived at the project when he was six and is now eleven. We are able to stay in touch with him through emails, letters and visits. Spending time with our extended Thai family is a real treat and we usually visit each year taking friends or family with us. We eat, play and laugh ourselves silly with the children and the experience is always one we treasure and that adds great value to us as a couple. Whilst many things are lost in translation….joy & laughter are an international dialogue that bridge the gap and when the hula hoops come out, there is no stopping us!

The soul is healed by being with children”. Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881)

To find out more about how you can be involved with Samuel’s House please visit this link.

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