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Melbourne Cup….fashion, filly’s and friends

November 6, 2012

As of Sunday I had a pair of lace gloves, a lace parasol and this beautiful musk pink fascinator from our local milliner Donna Dobbs – all fabulous accessories but I was in dire straits in the frock department. Karyn popped over to borrow my bicycle for a photo shoot on Sunday afternoon when I shared my dilemna. I showed her the only possible dress (a gorgeous little silk frock by Lucette with embellished bodice and scalloped angel sleeves) and she convinced me that she could work her magic with an upstyle that would make the whole ensemble pop! (Karyn is not only a bombshell herself but has her own salon) Well she kept her promise and this morning transformed me into a Violet Brown bombshell in about thirty minutes. I added my finishing touches, pearls, parasol, vintage tapestry bag & gloves and we were away!

Megan is a new friend of mine who rides a vintage Malvern Star and also loves the vintage fashion trail. We often go out on bicycle dates to vintage haunts in Ipswich or further afield.

Megan scooped this gorgeous vintage hat at Vintage Advantage in the Top of Town. It’s an absolute treasure trove of vintage glamour and Glen is a wealth of knowledge on all things vintage. People often come from Brisbane to visit on weekends and they are always at the Vintage Fairs.


We made new friends today at the FourthChild Melbourne Cup luncheon, this beautiful young lady made her own fascinator – we loved how she put it together with the dusty rose fifties inspired frock with lace embellished neckline [Review] and the drop earings! Miss Dusty Rose was our absolute pick of today’s line up!


Megan and I spent a lovely afternoon with Agnes & Rodger, a lovely couple that I met over a year ago. Agnes is a social butterfly and introduced herself to me at our gym. We were in a group fitness class and she recognised me from my facebook page!  Aggie is of Polish heritage and is also a vintage fashion buff, gym junkie and lover of the outdoors, needless to say we hit it off from the beginning! Aggie & Rodger share a beautiful historic home with their children in Ipswich. They share a love of gardening and have transformed their little suburban plot into a truly magical space to relax. Aggie & Rodger are warmly hospitable, often opening their home for neighbourhood gatherings, Polish dinners, emergency repairs to bicycle baskets with thirty day guarantee (thanks Rodger!) and…..well any occasion really! I love this photo of them which captures their love of life, fun and each other!

More social pics can be found in our outings album.

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