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Triathlon Pink

November 7, 2012

What I love even more than the journey is the joy of sharing it with others. A friend and I had the opportunity to participate in the Gold Coast leg of TriathlonPink recently and what a morning! Thousands of pinkies everywhere and as we all swarmed around the pool tearing at the bit to get started (and cool off a little from the searing heat) family and friends lost track of their loved ones as heads got swallowed up in a sea of pink caps and one by one pinkies swam, waddled or waded their way around the pink beacons of the 300m of the swim leg. The atmosphere on the day was one that really warmed the heart as women of all sizes, ages and shapes pushed through their limiting beliefs and overcame their fears. Karen and I are looking very glamorous after battling the heat, it felt so good to finish!

Shaun asked me why I was doing the PinkTri (funds raised go toward research into Breast Cancer prevention) as he knows that I am an advocate for prevention of disease in general through good health practices rather than the via cures. In reflection I think that the PinkTri in itself encompasses some of the keys to maintaining good health (eg maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and keeping a positive mental attitude).

Women often begin to train and exercise leading up to the event, they often do so in groups which helps them stay on track and the community that is built helps keep women connected and lends to a positive attitude. Karen enjoyed Triathlon Pink so much that she’s getting another group of ladies together for the Sunshine Coast leg. If you are keen to give it a try, I’m sure you’d be more than welcome to join in local training sessions and team “Glamazon” for the day!

Events like the Triathlon Pink brings families together. Shaun was our faithful pit crew, helping with the bikes and cheering us on from the stands. I was also touched to receive an sms from my brother after the event, he lives on the Gold Coast and came along with his little boy to watch me. I didn’t even know! He said he did catch a glimpse of me but lost sight in the sea of pink caps. I wish I’d seen him in the crowd to give him a wave and a smile. Family is precious, we must never take our loved ones for granted, love them outrageously and extravagantly every moment!

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