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Five things to change your life…living with joy and gratitude!

November 8, 2012

Operating from a platform of gratitude is so empowering. It is intrinsically linked with an abundance mentality and is one of my foundational principles. I firmly believe that gratitude expressed opens doors of opportunity and attracts even more wonderful things into the realm of our experience.

For some time now we have been practicing the habit of writing five things that we are thankful for each morning on a little whiteboard near the back door.  A simple concept, I call it my “5 Things”. It’s such a wonderful way to begin each day, focusing on the positive gifts and experiences that we have been blessed with. It’s really interesting to see what pops up each day as it reveals to me the true sources of joy in my life. One of the things has to be about the other half too, which is sometimes interesting in the midst of a quarrel, but does help us to remember the bigger picture and does help to build a strong and loving relationship.

I also like to write a personal note to a friend each week (you know that old fashioned app called a letter). Letting others know we appreciate and love them can sometimes be overlooked. Take a moment this week to think of someone, grab a pen and some lovely writing paper or beautiful card and write a few words of heartfelt appreciation. You will feel wonderful and it will be treasured by the receiver. While you are at it, why not grab a journal or whiteboard and give “5 Things” a try, I think you will love it!

  1. Kaz permalink

    What a beautiful idea. I know I loved it when I got one. Xx

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