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Seven secrets to glamorous grocery….

November 9, 2012

One of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday morning is visiting a farmers market, chatting with the growers and just soaking up the sunshine, fresh air and fresh produce. I think it was wandering through mounds of ruby, red pomegranates with their gleaming jewels in a market in Xinjiang that set me off!

The Organic Shed in Boonah (open Sunday mornings 8am-1pm) is a magical place you simply must visit! It makes for a gorgeous Sunday morning drive in the scenic rim and they sometimes have raw food workshops. There is a fabulous little cafe called the Story Tree for morning tea afterwards!

Doesn’t a basket full of fresh leafy greens look wonderful?

Farmer’s markets are also a lovely way to stay away from the distraction of mass produced luxury items that you don’t really need? Don’t get me wrong, sunglasses are a must in any girls wardrobe, but I think you get my drift? If you are trying to get your budget organised, the weekly trip (or trips) to the grocery store might be one area you can really plug some leaks.

Did you know that Australian household’s throw out about $7.8 billion dollars worth of food every year!! Wow when I read that I thought we can really do better – are you with me?

So here are some ideas:

  1. Before your grocery run plan your week, will there be some outings during the week, are you having dinner guests?
  2. Think eCo – Fair Trade – Organic – Chemical Free!
  3. Consider farmer’s markets, home delivery services or co-ops!
  4. Look at what you already have in the fridge or pantry, you’ll be surprised how long you could survive on what is in there!
  5. Buy less….most people buy too much, then eat too much or throw it out!
  6. Consider what is in season and eat accordingly.
  7. If you do shop at the supermarket giants, keep it raw and fill your basket with real food!

We’ve joined the Ipswich Good Food Co-Op recently and it’s a great way to access fresh, locally sourced organic and chemical free produce. I also stop by our Friday night market (the Sunset Markets) on my way home from the office on Friday evening where I can pick up fresh kale or chard for my green smoothies. Now I can also get my tea from Mr Leo who is bow bringing a lovely range of boutique teas to market – just take along your empty cannisters and weigh out what you’d like – perfect! There is something for everyone at the Sunset Market’s and if you are local – drop by! I’d love to see you there, I’ll be on my bicycle, come and say hi!

Do you have some shopping secrets to share? We’d love to hear from you soon!


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