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The secrets of a stylish, capsule wardrobe revealed….

November 13, 2012

There are so many beautiful pieces of fashion, vintage and contemporary, just sitting in our closets and I just want to re-love each one of them! Most of us buy so many clothes but funnily enough never have anything to wear. The cost of this on our finances, self-esteem and the environment is high, not to mention many a frustrated other man!

To help frazzled fashionistas we present to you Miss Très Chic Mini-Makeover our 30 Day make-over program to help you pare down your wardrobe to seasonal capsules touched with your own signature style. The makeover consists of four private consultations plus homework in between each session. The program can take as long as you need. Step 1 is a wardrobe cleanse, where together we get your robe under control and robe maintenance. Items suitable for consignment will be spirited away to new owners. Step 2 is foundational garments (yes I will be looking in your knicker drawer!) seasonal colour analysis to find the colours that make you pop and discussion of your work and casual needs.  Step 3 is how to budget for your wardrobe, the role that re-loved pieces can have in your wardrobe, where to shop for them and how to select pieces that work for you. And yes it’s time to go shopping! Step 4 is personal styling session where we build outfits together and you learn my secrets of putting yourself together! The result a beautifully curated capsule wardrobe of très chic bliss so you can step out with style & confidence no matter what the occasion! To find out more just drop me a line.

Style Guide:

The foundational piece of this outfit is a gorgeous shot silk skirt by Tengdahl, a Brisbane based designer. The colours are vibrant. I have teamed it with a beautiful silk blouse in mocha by Country Road then cinched the two together with a waist belt. I often wear this outfit to work and on this occasion added the cream vintage hat (origin New York) which I bought at the Vintage Fashion Fair at Ascot for a race day luncheon. Each piece is re-loved and the colours both fall within my colour palette.

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