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The Spanish Stairs….

November 14, 2012

I recently wrote about a friend of mine who was preparing for her travels in Europe. Together with husband and two children, they were off to spend precious time with family in Italy and then explore Paris.

I have an album on my facebook page that I invite contributions for called “Fashion Traveller”. I love seeing the world from other people’s eyes and am fascinated by the diversity and splendour of travel. I love the way she has captured the Spanish Stairs in the reflection of the window of the Dior boutique on Roma’s fashion high street – Via Condotti. Every time I look at this photograph I see more and more, it is a rich tapestry of history, architecture, fashion, faith, pilgrimage and the stories of each life contained within. It also reminds me of one the other snaps from her online photographic journal – a direct aspect of the Spanish Stairs captured by her husband. Despite the flood of tourists I smiled when, just as the photographer would have, I instantly recognised a little figure on the steps – my friend’s signature style and warm smile standing out from the crowd. It brightened my day!

Do you have a fashion travel photo that you would love to share?

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