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Office chic, styling yourself for work – Part 1

November 15, 2012

Building and maintaining a wardrobe for work is an essential to the astute fashionistas desired outcomes. I suggest a complete wardrobe just for work and have decided to write a how to series on this topic. Whatever your role is I believe there will be some tips here that can help you. I want to keep this series really practical and share tips with you using examples from my own work wardrobe. I practice law at a community legal service so our office is not the high powered corporate environment that some lawyers work in. As a result I have freedom to dress beyond the black suit staple and add my own signature style to ensembles.

Style Guide:  Cream & black creates such a classic vintage look – instant elegance – I have structured an outfit around this gorgeous Cue skirt, I added a Country Road wool knit sweater, classic black pumps and hosiery. My favourite vintage pearls (family heirloom – you will see them alot) finished the look . If you work in an office always wear hosiery – it just looks more professional. In this case I would have worn panythose as the skirt is above the knee and stockings can sneak a peak when you sit in a skirt of this length).

Ensure that your hair is clean and combed (consider having a drawer with brush/comb and a few other essentials at the office), also check your nails are well groomed – trim and clean (ie not covered in chipped polish). Personally I don’t wear alot of make-up (you will probably see that in the photographs) I make it a practice to wear clean zinc sunscreen every single day, a simple foundation with SPF30 goes over the top and a little eye-liner and lip gloss .

Next week I will share about workplace culture, clothing standards and dressing for your role. Feel free to comment and ask questions or post ideas. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Style Guide:  It gets pretty cool of a morning or evening here in Ipswich so my tailored cream coat, scarf (not seen) and black suede gloves were perfect with this outfit. The coat is also a fabulous length just past them hem of the skirt.

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  1. Kaz permalink

    Nice nice nice – I am attacking my wardrobe tomorrow

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