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What’s your recipe for change?

November 19, 2012

A few friends and I have started meeting up on Monday evenings with the purpose to build a supportive and positive community of women who meet regularly to discuss life and influence one another by positive example and story in love, relationships, faith, health, nutrition, style, personal development and journey! During our first gathering we discussed the concept of each woman pursuing a personal challenge during the next three months.Two of our gals are preparing for the Triathlon Pink this weekend, I have decided I want to cover my standard five km run averaging 4 minute k’s (average 14km/hour over 20 minutes). This is a significant physical challenge for me and I can’t wait to attack it. I started training this morning so I will be reporting in tonight with my goal and my deadline.

Tonight we are joining in with the  Recipe for Change initiative from One Million Women. We will be sharing around the group our personal practices to reduce carbon emissions. I am looking forward to getting some new ideas tonight! The title however inspired this post today as it led me to thinking more about the topic of having a plan for growth which is an essential element of success. In Napolean Hill’s timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich” he documents evidence from some of the most successful people of the time. Many of them attribute their success to a simple formula – deciding on a clear goal and the date by which it must be achieved, developing a well thought through plan to achieve the goal with the insight, knowledge and experience of others and accountability to the group whilst the process is completed. Sometimes it can be a challenge to know how to develop a group like this, who to approach or how it will work, but every awesome venture starts with a simple conversation… never know where it will lead so why not just have a go!

Do you have an accountability partner or group that helps you stay on track? Love to hear your comments!

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  1. Rebecca permalink

    Room for any more?

  2. Hey Rebecca – for sure yes!

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