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Making space in your life…..

November 26, 2012

I had the special treat of catching up with a good friend over the weekend. We kicked our heels up Friday evening and danced the night away at Rio Rythmics and, after a well deserved sleep-in, spent Saturday lounging about, drinking tea in the garden and taking a stroll and lunch in the high street. I didn’t make any plans for the whole day I just wanted to give that time to catching up with my friend. We were talking about how how important it is to keep space in our life! We both made a pact not to follow the masses in living such a full life that we’re super busy all the time and nothing else can be squeezed in!

[Alice in Wonderland Vogue, 2003]

In modern life we are bombarded with busyness, work commitments, online information and it leaves us empty and exhausted. How often do loved ones get overlooked or is creativity left on the shelf for later. People often ask me how I can afford not to work full-time….well I just unsubscribed to the story of stuff and now I enjoi the simple pleasures of life.

Getting off the treadmill is not easy but it’s worth it! Recently I sold two cocktail dresses and have been feeling a little sad about letting go which is a timely metaphor for some bigger things at the moment. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions so we can make time and energy for wonderful opportunities, new ideas, amazing experiences, new friends or maybe just a new dress!

[Louisa Jane –]

Style Guide: Celebrating at Ipswich Women in Business first birthday, 2011! I wore a little red 1960’s inspired cocktail dress from Basque (Myer) – the dress speaks for itself so a string of pearls, a vintage electric pleated purse (just in view on my right arm) and heels finished the look.

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