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Office chic, styling yourself for work – Part 3

November 29, 2012

(“Celebrating Inner Confidence” – Schick Quattro campaign 2010)

Wardrobe maintenance is an essential part of an aspiring fashionistas weekly schedule. From waterproofing leather shoes to steaming garments, dry cleaning and the gentle hand washing of sheer silk blouses, proper care of items will give you more mileage from your wardrobe and keep you looking fabulous.

Here are some tips from my closet of tricks!

1.  Invest in a good quality laundering facilities and products. A front loader washer is much more gentle on garments. A steamer is a little luxury but worth it.

2. Always use a laundry bag for delicate items – I separate mine into hosiery & knickers, bras and a third one for sheer clothing that can be machine washed but benefit from that extra protection. Bras should be quarantined as the hooks can catch on other garments and if you have time it is best to handwash them!

3. Clothes do not need necessarily need to be laundered after every single wear. Washing, particularly in the machine creates a lot of wear and tear on garments and should be minimised. Sometimes a quick dip in cold water can refresh a garment and make it look good as new!

4. Source a good quality professional dry cleaner and test run with a few garments that you won’t gasp for breath over if something goes awry! I use LuLu at Toowong, they offer a good quality service and you can get five pieces cleaned for $26 ($2 extra per piece for silk or linen).

5. Avoid using a dyer with exceptions (yes Far North Queensland we’re looking at you!) Dryers are non-eco and damage clothing. It’s best to hang out clothing to dry in a shady spot or minimise exposure to harsh summer sun (for Queenslanders).

6. Dry garments on their hangers so they can go straight back into your closet. It keeps their shape and is such a time saving trick! Exception is don’t hang your knits, always lay out to dry (not on a towel though as they might pick up lint). In the winter I lay my knits out in the sun to dry on a clean, dry surface.

7. Source a cobbler to take care of your shoes. We are fortunate here in Ipswich to one of the few traditional cobblers left around. Trevor North aka The Shoe Repairer at 43 Limestone does exceptional work and even if you live in Brisbane, he is worth the drive. Why not come out on a Saturday, drop off your shoes and spend the morning strolling through all the boutiques and cafes in the Top of Town only a stones throw away!

8. Use a good quality waterproofer on your leather and suede shoes and be sure to update the coverage after a clean.

9. Fall in love with the Oriental tradition of removing your shoes before entering the home. Once you have had a chance to unwind and unpack your day’s carry on, take a moment with a damp cloth (assigned for shoes only) and carefully clean off any dirt or marks on your shoes, noting if a trip to the cobbler is in order. Do not continue to wear shoes that need the heel stub or sole replaced.

10.  Upon arrival home from work, pop on drive time and take a moment to unwind. Carefully remove all accesories etc and put them away. Take a few moments to peruse the garments you have just worn, carefully checking for stains, marks, perspiration marks, pulls, tears etc. Any stains should be immediately treated, I use a eucalyptus pre-wash stain remover (available at the super). Clothes that need general laundering place in your wash basket and put others neatly away. You might also have a basket or hanging space for garments needing repairs or dry cleaning.

I don’t think I have enough time for outfit planning this post, and we still need to talk about how to store your garments, shoes and accessories….we’ll do that next week!

Style Guide:  I love wearing silk in the summer – shot silk skirt by Ranier found earlier this year – the tartan and high waist says c.1980’s vintage and fitting into it keeps me vigilant. Tucked in is a lovely silk blouse in mocha by Country Road with the most exquisite neckline – it goes with nearly everything I own (love that!) clutch is vintage David Jones leather with suede trim – nude fishnets, Steve Madden mary-janes and my pearls (family heirloom) finish the look!

Did you know that we offer wardrobe consultations, colour analysis,  personal styling and lifestyle transformation packages incorporating fashion, beauty, health, nutrition, personal development and finance. Contact to find out more about our Miss Très Chic 30 Day Mini-Makeovers or the complete lifestyle package Miss Très Chic 12 Week Transformation.

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