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Navigate the silly season in style….

November 30, 2012


It’s not even December yet and Christmas functions are in full festive swing. This time of year is so much fun, parties, luncheons, after work drinks and dinners to attend, everyone getting together to celebrate and unwind. The festivities however can take their toll so I thought I would share some thoughts on enjoying the season.

1. Keep your social calendar in check and be guided by the old adage quality over quantity.

2. Sit down now and workout exactly how much cash you will set aside as a festive season allowance. This should include all social expenses, secret santas, food and drinks, travel expenses, clothing and gifts. Withdraw this figure in cash and put it in a special wallet.

3. Write down a list of people whom you wish to purchase gifts for and the amount for each.

4. Consider sweet handmade decorative ornaments as gifts, these can be treasured year after year and passed on.


[Prancer by Lisa McKay @ Livewell Farm]

5. Support local boutiques and business when gift shopping and organising functions. Last year I purchased our little stockings from my friend LouLou @ Serendipity, a fabulous little vintage treasure trove of goodies. You will find Serendipity, The Chocolaterie and Precious Packages all in one beautifully styled, emporium like, space through the Red Door on Ellenborough Street. I was in there the other day and there are some fabulous and affordable gift ideas, beautiful, scented bath salts caught my eye. I think I will be back with my festive allowance to do a spot of gift shopping next week!


6. Order your own food and drinks.  If possible view the menu ahead of time so you can be prepared.

7. Nibble on cherries and drink sparkling mineral water at parties – this low calorie approach will keep your waistline in check.


8. Always show gratitude –  when attending parties always phone ahead to offer a hand with catering. If your offer is refused bring some drinks and perhaps a small platter of fruit. Bring a thoughtful gift for the host and be sure to send a note of thanks to hosts and the giver of gifts.

9.  Develop your own family traditions. We always had a freshly cut tree, my brother and I would go with my dad to a local pine forest and choose the perfect one.  We always have a meal with extended family and our festive Christmas film night is becoming an annual tradition with friends who also live at the top of our street.

10. Instead of spending alot of money why not spend time with those you love the most – play games, make some Christmas decorations, bake a gingerbread house and get everyone over to decorate then devour!


[with Bec Smith, Hayley Jane, Agnes Maskalans @ the Ipswich Women’s Development Network Christmas Wine O’Clock]

Style Guide: Vintage cocktail dress c.1960’s by Susan Parsons of Sydney, red heels with bow by Sachi and white pearls.

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