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Cardio training…your heart will love you for it!

December 4, 2012

Good health cannot be achieved without good heart health which requires revving that motor everyday!! Traditionally Australians were known for being fit outdoors type. Yet if you look at the average Aussie these days…..

weight scale

Any opportunity to move is a good one! Aim for at least thirty minutes per day of intense cardio training! High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the key to really building your cardio levels and blasting fuel reserves (ie fat) if you have them. If you have weight to lose, you need to push yourself – there is no other way to do it! You also need to change the type and amount of fuel you are putting into your body! You need to eat clean food – weight loss is 75% what you eat.

HIIT is like a blast furnace for fat and the good thing is you don’t need to do a lot. It’s quality over quantity! Running is the most intense form, if you can’t run because of legitimate physiological reasons, then consider cycling which is low impact and can get the heart pumping. I love spin class and usually include a session in my weekly workout.


Boxing is another fantastic way to get the heart pumping without the impact on the knees and hips and is suitable for any age! At our boxing class on Tuesday nights there are people of all ages having a go!

As with any exercise it all depends on how hard you train and that is why fitness goals as so important. At the moment I am working towards a personal goal of 4 minute km’s which is really pushing me. Is it time for you to set some fitness goals?

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