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$10 per day challenge

December 7, 2012

basket of greens

Food expenditure can be one way that well intentioned budgets and diets can be really undone. We put food on the visa, we run out of something, just pop to the convenience store or down to the super and pick up some more, friends at work are heading out for lunch, oh what the heck leave that salad or sandwich in the fridge for tomorrow and join in! With the average spend on lunch out upward of $10 frequent socialising over food can really put a dint in the budget. Furthermore ladies, lunch with the girls can mean extra pounds. The Daily Mail recently reported that ladies who lunch lose less weight than those who eat in for their midday meal.

Excess food consumption is also a growing concern as the western world is slowly and sadly losing the battle against obesity. In 1938, Napolean Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” wrote about the importance of mastering food, sex and speech in his unpublished book “Outwitting the Devil”. He warned of the dangers of overconsumption and the impact it has on our personal growth,  leaving us mentally and physically sluggish. He was certainly an oracle of days to come and would be greatly saddened that the ancient wisdom of moderation has been so overlooked.

A couple of weeks ago at our Monday night group Miss K mentioned that she had once done a little project of a $10 per day cap for food expenses. The process helped her to be more mindful of the quality and quantity of what she was eating and the real cost of food. She also found that she started to use what she already had in her kitchen, saved money, reduced food wastage, ate less poor quality food, more fresh produce and lost a few inches too! Even on a strict allowance Miss K found some clever ways to serve up a beautiful, French inspired, three course menu of petite portions for her evening meals!

So I decided to start this a try and this week have been recording my daily expenses.


My guidelines are as follows:

1) I can eat from what is already at home without incorporating that into the $10 daily limit

2) If someone else shares with me like today Miss M shared her rockmelon with me and I snuck a banana this afternoon from her stash.

3) I can spend over $10 (for example on Tuesday I spend $22.05) in a day but over the week the daily average must be $10 or less.

4) If I have a pre-planned social engagement to attend which requires the purchase of a coffee or meal out, those funds come out of my social allowance rather than my food allowance.

So my daily average this week has been $9.17 and I’m on target! Why not set yourself a challenge?  Taking on the $10 per day challenge might bring you more benefits than you imagine possible…it might open up a whole new journey!


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