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Bend it like…..

December 11, 2012



Today’s post is inspired by the above photo which someone popped up on my wall this week. Doesn’t this young woman exhibit fantastic back health, strength and flexibility! She reminds me of our delightfully enchanting evening at Cirque de Soleil. I find the acrobats so inspiring the way that they have complete dominion over their bodies.

Flexibility and balance are often overlooked in a comprehensive fitness program but is essential to a body in peak physical condition. What’s the point of lifting incredibly heavy weights if you pull a muscle bending down to tie up your lace? The Chinese practice of Tai Chi is a good example of the benefits of a supple physique.

Great ways to add flexibility into your schedule can include yoga, pilates, body balance, stretching, standing up tall whilst you pull on each sock or stocking and for those of us who tend to sit at a desk all day, get up and do some stretching to loosen the joints.

You might not be able to bend into a pretzel but any increased flexibility is good and it’s never too late! Your joints and muscles will love you for giving them some time and you will experience less injury and age more gracefully.

Hmmm this could be a great fitness goal for 2013 – thanks HayleyJane!

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