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Office chic, styling yourself for work – Part 5

December 13, 2012


I love those films where the leading lady has a personal attendant to bring her breakfast on a tray, run her bath, help her dress and do her hair every morning (note to self – please add this to vision board). Needless to say many of us don’t have the pleasure of a maid or time to spend hours of a morning curling, straightening ,primping and preening. There are however a few essential elements to a well groomed, polished look so you can put your best foot forward. Once you have your capsule wardrobe sorted, it is time to prepare yourself. I like to spend an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon doing my weekly facial and making sure I am ready for the week from top to toe.

  1. Ensure that your hair is clean and combed (consider having a drawer with brush/comb and a few other essentials at the office). If you have the time to style it, keep your choice conservative and ensure it is a flattering style. If your hair is unmanageable speak to your stylist about something that will work for you and still look good. The team at Violet Brown take care of me, I highly recommend them.
  2. Your eyebrows frame your face – ensure they (and any other facial hair) is appropriately groomed. I have my eyebrows shaped by my beautician at Body Bare Beauty. Never take eyebrow maintenance for granted and be willing to invest in a professional service.
  3. Wear your skin beautiful! If your skin is healthy and glowing you really won’t need much else. Radiant skin is a result of your diet. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and water are the best beauty foods.
  4. Personally I like the au naturel look when it comes to make-up and keep any coverage to a minimum. I make it a practice to wear clean zinc sunscreen every single day (don’t forget your décolletage), a slightly tinted foundation (SPF30) over the top and a little eye-liner and nude lip gloss.
  5. Dental hygiene – keep your breath fresh (here is a link to ten tips) and ensure you book in for your bi-annual check-up.
  6. When you are handling documents in an office environment your hands are on display. Invest in a regular manicure and then run your own maintenance file once per week. Avoid nails with chipped polish, it’s better to remove it completely once the chips start to become noticeable. I personally love the simplicity of a french polish. Moisturise your hands daily with a hand and nail cream – I keep one in my drawer at work.
  7. Ensure your legs are silky smooth so they look fabulous under your choice of hosiery.
  8. Good posture is essential for a confident presentation. Regular exercise will keep your muscles toned and you will naturally sit and stand straight. When you move about, do so with smooth, elegant strides and avoid rushing.
  9. Courtesy and respect for others – when you need to speak to colleagues attend on them at their desk, office or by phone. After seeking pardon, address the person by their name and ask them if they have a moment before launching into your question or statement. Never yell at someone from another room.
  10. Invest in a full length mirror and check yourself from all sides before leaving home. Things to look for include hemlines coming down, runs in stockings, undergarments peeking through or creating lines under clothing, transparency, stains etc.


Style Guide:  This was an ensemble for a particularly crisp winter’s day this year. The skirt is a vintage inspired piece by Cue in a brown tweed, it has a beautiful detail just below the knee, it’s always been a little big on me but I can’t bear to part with it and can disguise the sizing issue by teaming with the correct garments on top. I am wearing three here beginning with a little Veronika Maine knit in chartreuse – fabulous feature collar (buttons up then folds over) which I like to tuck my strand of vintage pearls under. Layered over the top is a classic Country Road knit sweater which could be taken off as the day warmed up. Finally  my favourite Zara jacket that I picked up vintage hunting in Maitland many years ago. I adore this jacket, it fits me perfectly and is so versatile – I could have added a vintage brooch in lieu of the pearls. Hosiery by Voodoo and Nine West heels.

Did you know that we offer wardrobe consultations, colour analysis,  personal styling and lifestyle transformation packages incorporating fashion, beauty, health, nutrition, personal development and finance. Contact to find out more about our Miss Très Chic 30 Day Mini-Makeovers or the complete lifestyle package Miss Très Chic 12 Week Transformation.

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