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Your roadmap for success in 2013

December 31, 2012

mapsThe Christmas break always gives me a few days reprieve where I can relax and reflect on the year that has been before moving onto that which lies ahead. I have too often overlooked time spent in reflection but am realising more and more that if nothing changes….well nothing changes. So it is important to incorporate reflection into ones daily, weekly, monthly and annual routine. It gives you space to celebrate your achievements, underline the areas for improvement and add to the agenda those new challenges or goals that you want to achieve. It also involves looking at those things that need to go including commitments, demands, relationships and habits! Change is never easy and we have to weigh up what is most important to us and come back to our core foundational principles and values.

This year I made a list of the twelve areas in my life that are most important to me and wherein lie goals and standards that I wish to pursue. I based in on my weekly planner and really began to think about how I have spent my time this past year and what I want 2013 and beyond to look like. I began to journal in a notebook and just let loose on paper everything that came to mind in order to download my thoughts, emotions and attitudes in relation to everything in my life, I held nothing back. It was really therapeutic and I’d encourage you to give it a try. Once you feel that release coming to a conclusion you will find that ideas and desires begin to emerge for your future. When that happens it is time to begin a fresh page for your year ahead, again let loose, write down the life you want to design and as you go put a star next to any points where specific actions need to be taken so that you can come back later and work out your action plan. We can only begin to change and transform our lives when we come to the realisation that we are fully 100% responsible for where we are right here and now and that it is only ourselves that can create something different and move forward to design the life we truly want.

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