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Office chic, styling yourself for work – Part 5

January 2, 2013


By now you should have your capsule wardrobe sorted, pressed and ready to wear. This week we will discuss a few finer details which will make the finished, polished product.  To complete your professional look you must also consider your personal grooming. I like to take a few moments on Sunday afternoon when I am enjoying my weekly facial to attend to the finer points.

Personal Scent

A natural, fresh and clean scent is best for the office. You don’t want your scent preference overwhelm the professional impression you are trying to achieve. Keep your perfume mild or leave it for evenings and weekends. Deoderant is of course a must, but be mindful of any re-applications during the day, you don’t want the whole office in evacuation mark due to the fumes. If you smoke or are exposed to cigarette smoke, be extremely mindful of the odour that will be readily absorbed by your clothing and the impact that will have on your relationships with colleagues and your professional reputation.

Fingernails and Hands

Women often use their hands to talk with so they become a focal point. It is important to have hands and fingernails looking professional. Nails should be clean, and trimmed or sculpted. Neutral or nude colours are best. Use a hand and nail cream to soften and smooth the hands.


Your hair should be clean and combed with a neat, conservative style preferably off the face. Speak to your hairstylist about a few simple styles that you can do yourself in the morning. With few exceptions, hair color should not be shocking or unusual (leave blue hair for Halloween). Hair sprays and gels that have a strong scent or odor should be avoided. In terms of other areas of the body, I personally don’t like seeing any fuzz through my hosiery particularly when I prefer nude fishnets in the warmer months. If you are wearing sleeveless blouses, be mindful of any fuzz.

Skin & Cosmetics

Your skin is a true a reflection of your inner health!  All the creams and potions and lotions in the world won’t help if you don’t begin with a nutrient rich, plant based diet brimming with vibrant greens. Secondly drink plenty of fresh water to cleanse and purify. Think of a bubbling, brook in a rainforest, the water so fresh and crystal clear you just want to drink it! Compare that to a stagnant, river with a build up of mud, algae and debris along the sides. Make fresh, pure water your beverage of choice and look in the mirror for the results! Finally a simple skin care routine using natural products without harmful chemicals and I like to do a facial on Sundays! Keep your make-up simple, less really is more and you want your beautiful skin to be the star of the show. Ensure you have your SPF30 either as a base or included in a very light coverage, I prefer mineral or Invisible Zinc and then just add some charcoal eyeliner and a neutral bronze gloss. Your brows frame the face so don’t forget them. Give them some TLC on Sunday’s and if necessary book in for a professional wax.


Make sure you take some time out during the day to nourish your body with a nutrient dense lunch. After lunch take a break and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ladies room for a few moments whilst you freshen up. I keep a spare toothbrush, paste, mouthwash, a little moisturiser and some refreshing rose water in my drawer for a spruce up. You’ll feel confident, fabulous and all ready for a productive afternoon.

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