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Fitness Log week beginning February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Did you enjoi following along with my Fitness & Food Log last week? You know I found it a really beneficial ‘exercise’ – it really helped me keep on track and stay accountable. This week I am making some changes to both my training and nutrition. I will be incorporating a few concepts I am learning about. One is in my strength training area – I will be following a 4 day split program with heavy set increasing to fatigue. The second is eating in accordance with the principles of natural hygiene that I am reading about.

Monday 18 February, 2013



am: Run 10 minutes @ 13kph. Weight training 50 minutes using the 4 set technique (12-10-8-12) with increasing weights. Hamstrings –  straight leg deadlift with barbell (17.5 – 20 – 25- 17.5), lunges (18-20-25-18), leg curls. Back – lower back extensions (5 – 7.5 – 10), one arm dumbbell row (9-10-12.5-9), assisted row,  lateral pull down, assisted wide grip chin-ups (12 on 8, 3 on 7) I couldn’t complete the set due to complete exhaustion, but this was my goal. Nice warm shower afterward to soothe my tingling, quivering muscles. (Note: hot showers are actually not beneficial – they dry out and possibly burn your skin, leaving you dehydrated)

pm:  Stretch class ( 60 minutes) with Trevor Hylands @ Sacred Cow Yoga Studio, The Old Flour Mill. I really enjoyed my first stretch class. We focused on back and hamstrings which was perfect after both got a workout this morning. Stretch therapy is an integral part of any training schedule as it helps in muscle recovery, elongation, flexibility and helps to prevents injury. Trevor is a positive and encouraging instructor with a wealth of knowledge in remedial massage, yoga and stretch therapy. He provides each student with personalised instruction, tailored to ability and moves about the room to make adjustments so that everyone gets the maximum benefit from each pose. I felt really at ease in his class and confident in his ability to help me move more deeply into the poses. Why not come along for a stretch next week and support a first class local business! I am definitely going to sleep well tonight!

Hylands stretch class


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (1 cup), 2 nectarines. Piccolo with Maria @ Urban Pantry. 4 peaches.


pm: Felafel & salad roll with hummus, backlava (1 triangle). Green tea (1 cup), purified rainwater (1 litre). Homemade vegetable soup (pumpkin, carrot, garlic, scallions, red onion, red bell pepper, chilli, rosemary, brocoli and courgette).

Tuesday 19 February, 2013


am: Warm up run 5 minutes @ 13kph. Weight training 35 minutes. Chest  using the 4 set technique (12-10-8-12): dumbbell chest press on inclined bench (8 – 9 -10 -8), Dumbbell fly (5 – 6 – 5) I didn’t attempt 7’s (too heavy), assisted chest dips on the machine (8-7-6-8). In reflection I should have also included push ups and flat bench presses (next time!). Core: 3 x 10 reps leg raises on the vertical bench (note this also engages the biceps and shoulders as you have to support your own weight), 3kg medicine ball twists (3 sets of 10), front hovers (2 x 1 minute) side hovers (1 minute each side). 10 minutes of stretching hamstrings and practicing shoulder stand back bend there is a photo of this pose in last week’s log. Trevor showed me last night how to begin working into the pose so I intend to practice a little everyday.

chest press

pm: Boxing class 1 hour – Round 1: high jabs 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds for 5 minutes, box jumps 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds for 5 minutes. Round 2: straight jabs (50), uppercuts (40), hooks (30), push-ups (20), burpees (10) for five minutes. Round 3: jabs (20 seconds), uppercuts, (20 seconds), rest (20 seconds) for 5 minutes. Round 4: high upper cuts (10) increasing by ten…..100 interspersed with repulsion lunges (10) for 5 minutes.

I paired up with Rachel again. We met last week at class. Rachel did competitive boxing for two years and wow she can pack a powerful punch. It is wonderful to have someone who can help me improve my technique as I am still quite new to boxing and sometimes get sore wrists. I hope to train with her again next week.

Balance class (yoga, pilates, tai chi) 1 hour – I do this class combo every Tuesday evening – if you are at GoodLife please come and join me!


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (2 cups), 1/2 pineapple after training (thank you Queen Bee it was super delicious!). 1 plum, 1 passionfruit. Espresso.

pm: sauté mushrooms (shitake, shimeji & champignon) with asparagus, brocoli, snow peas & cabbage (around 2pm). Purified rainwater 1L, earl grey tea.

I got home from the combo class this evening around 8pm and had a handful of snow peas, I actually didn’t feel very hungry so I followed my body. I am feeling a little peckish now (it’s about 10pm) but it’s too late to eat now as it will affect the quality of my sleep, so I will wait until morning. I touched on the book I have been reading at the start of the week. I have been implementing the principles of fruit only before noon and then the proper combinations from noon until 8pm. I am seriously feeling amazing – energized, light and lean! I really recommend it.

Wednesday 20 February, 2013


I was lucky to get chauffered to the gym this morning. It always helps to make a training plan with a friend – it keeps you both accountable even if you have different plans. Karen enjoyed a fabulous pilates class and I hit the weights room.

am: Warm up run (10 minutes @ 12kph) I headed down to the weights area. Shoulders: using the 4 set technique (12-10-8-12) single dumbbell cling and jerk (8 – 9 -10 – 8) which also engages the quads, Dumbbell (5 – 6 – 7 – 5), cling and jerks with bar (15-17.5-20) which also engages the quads – I was really puffing after this last sets. Triceps:  tricep dips from bench with feet up on box (3  x 10 reps) which was really hard to push out the last two, tricep extensions 3 sets of 24 reps using 3kg dumbbell. 10 minutes of stretching hamstrings. Shoulder stand practice.


pm: Rest


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (1 cups), 1/2 watermelon. Piccolo.

pm: Large green salad with smoked salmon. Purified rainwater 1L. Watermelon & pineapple. Roasted pumpkin & red onion soup served with garlic sourdough with olive.

Thursday 21 February, 2013


am: rest – I had an early start today with a 7am appointment in town so I took some time out to rest my legs which are still really sore from the start of the week.

pm: Awesome training session with Kerri in the park – we used the rock step and pretty much anihilated ourselves with an intense 20 minute session each. We did 3-4 rounds of the following: 50 high jabs, 40 uppercuts, 30 hooks, 20 burpees, 10 pushups, 1 minute skipping, 10 repulsion lunges, 10 box jumps onto stone step. There was no set rests during the whole time except for the time to move into the next set.

box 2


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (1 cup), 5 oranges (thanks Kerri!). 1 macchiato. 1 passionfruit, 1 cucumber.

pm: Vegetable soup. Large green salad with spinach, almonds, asparagus, capsicum, snow peas and cucumber. Purified rainwater 1L. French vanilla tea.

Friday 22 February, 2013


am:  1km swim @ Bundamba Swim Centre with Karen – it was nice to give the legs a bit of a break today – they are still recovering from a hammering earlier this week. We are doing another Pink Triathlon in Brisbane (April) and want to improve our swim time so we made enquiries about stroke correction class. Neville gives instruction every Friday morning from 5:30am – 7:30am and for adulys it’s just $7 which includes the pool entry ($4.30).

Tri Pink

Having a fitness goal or event that you are working toward helps you stay on track with you training and the Pink Triathlon series is a great entry level event for women of all fitness levels – you can even swim with a noodle if you need to and ladies you are welcome to join our team for the Pink Tri in April.

pm: Weight training. Quads – using the 4 set technique for each – leg press on machine (9-10-11-9), squats with dumbbells in each hand (8-9-10-8).  Biceps (6-7-8-6) I just got through the 8kg’s. Hip adductors using machine (12 reps on each direction) – this is great for toning the inner and outer thighs ladies! Balance class (1 hour).


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (1 cup), 3 oranges. 3 peaches. Piccolo. 3 fresh figs with lime juice.


pm: Large green salad with romaine lettuce, almonds, asparagus, capsicum, snow peas, scallions, alfalfa sproutsd and cucumber. Purified rainwater 1L. Chicken stir fry with veggies (asparagus, brocoli, cabbage, capsicum, snow peas,  scallions, red onion. Vegetable soup with small dollop of greek yoghurt.

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