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Sartorial sunset – goodbye summer, hello autumn!

February 21, 2013

The end of summer reminds me of languid afternoons spent lazing at the river. The heat of the day dissipates into evening as the sunset spills it’s glorious palette at the edge of the sky.


That little breeze whispering through the window of a late summer’s evening is usually the first hint of the turn, or perhaps a gentle coolness first thing that lends itself to a soft little knit cardi for the day and a scarf tied to ones handbag just in case. I’ve felt both caressing my bare shoulders already this year and whilst I haven’t yet fetched my autumn/winter stash from the top of the closet, I’ve certainly had a couple of cardi days already this week. It’s not yet time to change everything over, particularly here in beautiful south-east Queensland where your summer collection which will still be called for well into March. It is, however, time to sort through your spring/summer collection and pare it down for next year. In my view any pieces that didn’t make it into this season’s rotation, well the writing is on the wall! It is time for someone else to re-love them or retire them with promises of tea & scones with the lovely ladies at your local thrift shop. Another great idea at this time of year is a little frock swap with your girlfriends – just make sure you have a fair system by ensuring there are no scuffles over ruffles.


Begin introducing those layers that can add warmth and texture at the edges of the day. Soft cotton knit cardigans (I picked one up in soft buttercup yellow earlier this week) with capri pants or a skirt or a light trench over your summer frocks look lovely. Even in the depth of winter, the warmth of the noon day sun here in Queensland still requires a certain degree of sartorial dexterity in regards to layering if one does not wish to undergo multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day so now is a good time to begin practicing.

light trench

Begin thinking about your theme for the coming season. Slavic is popular at the moment and the steampunk is also current with both styles easy to incorporate in the cooler months. There is no need to turn over your whole wardrobe but you I do suggest going through the process of building your capsules (refer to part four of our Office Chic series for hints) and add a few pieces that that subtly reference a theme you like. Building your own sense of style doesn’t happen overnight but through trial and error (in my experience quite a few) you will develop an eye for what looks good and what you enjoi wearing. Don’t be afraid to take a few risks and most importantly have fun!

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