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Fitness Log week beginning February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

I hope you’ve had a lovely restful weekend – recovery is important to allow the body time to repair, rebuild muscle and vital organs and it should be factored into your training schedule.

Monday 25 February, 2013


Having a ride to the gym on such a wet morning was great. I find the duvet so enticing on rainy days, how about you?


am: Weight training is essential to any training program and is often shied away from by ladies who seem to opt for cardio. Building lean muscle mass creates more bang for your buck than cardio because you transform yourself into a fat burning machine. We will never put on muscle like the boys but we can stay toned and lean which is my goal.

Today I planned to get 15 minutes in before RPM which starts at 5:45am. The gym opens at 5:30am so by getting there right on opening it was easy to slot in three sets. Using the 4 set technique (12-10-8-12) I worked my back this morning: assisted chin (9 – 8 -7 – 9), one arm dumbbell row (8-9-10-8), dumbbell fly 3 x 10 reps (3kg).

RPM 45 minutes.


pm: Another great stretch class (1 hour) with Trevor Hylands @ Sacred Cow Yoga Studio, The Old Flour Mill. We worked deeply into the various poses of the sun salutation routine.


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (3 cups), 2 nectarines. 1 kiwi, 1 pear.

I gave my face a nourishing treat today with a delicious facial at Body Bare Beauty. They have a yummy new range of skin care including a beautiful hibiscus and pineapple peel (which was really gentle on my skin) and I also had a relaxing face massage, scrub and mask. It was as good as a trip to Hawaii without the jet lag!


pm: homemade vegetable & chickpea soup, black tea (1 cup), ginger tea (1 cup). 1 tomato and 30 grams almonds, chai tea (1 cup). baked beans, romaine lettuce and cucumber. Tuna in springwater (90g can) and steamed brocoli.

Tuesday 26 February, 2013


am: rest. I have had a touch of the flu the last few days so I enjoyed a couple of extra daytime naps yesterday and slept in this morning. I will go to the gym later this afternoon though – it’s important to keep your exercise levels up when you do feel a little unwell and as long as your energy levels allow it, you should continue to train as exercise releases endorphins, aids in detox and generally helps the body fight against illness.

pm: Chest  using the 4 set technique (12-10-8-12): dumbbell chest press on inclined bench (8 – 9 – 10 – 8), Dumbbell fly (4 – 5 – 6 – 4), assisted chest dips on the machine (8-7-6-8),  push ups (3 x 10 reps with 10 sec rest in between). Hamstrings – straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells (16–18–20-16), lunges (16-18-20-16), lying leg curls on pin #2 (3 x 10 reps with 20 sec rest in between), hamstring contractions on swiss ball (3 x 10 reps).

Boxing class (1 hour) – 4 rounds this evening, the best was the third 30 second upper cuts with 15 second breaks for 10 minutes then 3 burpees with 30 sec breaks for 10 minutes – that really got the heart rate up and the best part was that whilst I was exhausted at the end, I felt so strong during the workout.

Balance class (1 hour)


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (3 cups), ginger tea (1 cup) 2 nectarines, 2 kiwi, 1 pear, 2 figs sprinkled with  a teaspoon of chia.

pm: homemade veggie soup (made on Monday), I have had a touch of the flu lately so I added in some fresh ginger grated – yum I could have added more of that fresh pink ginger – it was so delicious and added a warm kick! Ginger has so many amazing health benefits – try adding it to your soups and stir fries, guaranteed winner on taste and helps stave off colds and flu!  Always try to source the freshest nub you can find like this prime specimen, see how the skin is  really thin with tinges of pink – so much better than those pieces with hardened, thick, dry skin (avoid those!). 1 tomato, 30g almonds. Purified rainwater 1L – I have been drinking so much fresh water and tea the last few days, I think that has been the key to flushing out this flu.

gingerA late supper this evening of vegetable stew with ginger and tuna and a cup of black tea. After the sumptuous concert at St Paul’s this evening I forgot I was even hungry but it is important to eat to maintain your BMR and lean muscle tissue in order to stabilise your weight. I’ll discuss these topics more tomorrow.

Wednesday 27 February, 2013


am: 20 min power walk @ 6km on 10% grade. Quads – using the 4 set technique for each – deadlifts (40-50-60-40) wow that got the heart pumping – whilst they are hard work deadlifts are really empowering – I love them! Leg extension (pin # 4 – 5 – 6 – 4), seated leg press on machine (9-10-11-9).  Bicep curls with dumbbells in each hand (5-6-7-5) I realised now I did heavier ones last week (note to self check last weeks weights before training), bicep curls with barbell (10-12.5-15-10). Core: 3 x 10 reps leg raises on vertical bench, 3kg medicine ball twists (3 sets of 10), front hover (1 minute) side hovers (1 minute each side).


pm: Kerri and I train in the park across the road from my office generally every Wednesday afternoon and today the wet weather wasn’t going to hold us back even from burpees! We repeated the routine from last week was a heart pumping 20 minutes working the whole body: 50 high jabs, 40 uppercuts, 30 hooks, 20 burpees, 10 pushups, 1 minute skipping, 10 repulsion lunges, 10 box jumps up onto step. Only rest was during transition between skipping reps. Today I want to really focus on the burpee because I find that the most challenging drill that I have come across and highly recommend you incorporate it into your training schedule! If you haven’t tried burpees previously – have a go and let me know how you went!



am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (1 cup), 1 Large green smoothie. Figs (3), 1 ruby grapefruit.


pm:  homemade veggie soup (made on Monday) for a nutritious lunch @ work – I popped two cups of the soup in a little tub and froze it last night for easy mess free transport – by lunch time it was defrosted – I only forgot the fresh ginger to add in!! Purified rainwater 1L. Kerri came to my rescue this afternoon with watermelon and banana – I sent out an sos to bring me a banana before our training session this afternoon as I was feeling peckish. I devoured the watermelon before we busted out our session and had the banana afterward. Asian style veggie stew with ginger and bean sprouts. Baked Beans.

Thursday 28 February, 2013


am: 10 min power walk @ 6km on 10% grade. Shoulders: using the 4 set technique (12-10-8-12) single arm dumbbell cling and jerk (8 – 9 -10 – 8) which also engages the quads, cling and jerks with barbell (12.5-15-17.5-12.5) which also engages the quads. Triceps:  tricep dips from bench with feet up on box (3  x 10 reps) easier to complete than last week,  tricep extensions (3 x 10 reps) with 3kg dumbbell, overhead tricep curl with 10kg barbell (3  x 10 reps). Lower back inverted raises holding weight (5 – 7.5 – 10) activates lower back, core and glutes (didn’t have time on Monday so added these today).


pm: rest


am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (1 cup), 3 pears, 3 nectarines.

pm:  homemade veggie soup for lunch @ work, buckwheat crispbread coated with carob (I love these for a little treat – you can find them in the health food section at the supers – label is Naturally Good), coffee. Homemade pita pizza topped with pumpkin, capsicum, courgette, onion, tomato paste, shrooms, sun dried tomatoes, olives, marinated artichoke hearts, baby spinach & feta. Purified rainwater 1L.

Friday 29 February, 2013


am: Swim session @ Bundamba with my swim buddy Karen – we undertook stroke instruction from Neville this morning (45 minutes) the fee is nominal – you pay $7 instead of $4.30 (pool entry only). I met Neville at Leichhardt pool when I was training for the pink triathlon earlier in the year. Apparently I have graduated from slug squad (my term not his) which is encouraging news! Making a few tweaks to your technique in any discipline can really improve your performance so it’s really worth investing in coaching.



am: Purified rainwater 1L, green tea (1 cup), 2 pears, 1 nectarine.

pm: Veggie soup. Thai beef salad, flash fried calamari. Apple cider.

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