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Fitness Log week beginning March 18, 2013

March 19, 2013

This week got off to a slow start for me. My usually routine became a little out of kilter due to various activities over the weekend beginning on Thursday evening. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends and family and rocked out an awesome garage-sale on Saturday (thanks to everyone who came along!), a few different choices along the way could have led to different outcomes whilst still enjoying the social side of things. A late night Thursday led to quite a sleep in on Friday which meant I missed swim training. We we up at 3:30am on Saturday to get our shop read and after only turning in around 11pm after dinner with family the night before, by 11am I was exhausted and feeling quite unwell. I think the last time I felt that tired was when we had an early morning flight to Hanoi. By noon on Saturday my body was physically shaking and my heart racing, not only due to a lack of sleep but also food and lifestyle choices that I had been making over the past few days. Used to being treated with respect, my body was going into shock and  letting me know it was seriously not happy. The events of the weekend really made me stop and think with a refocus on my choices and the life I am designing. Yesterday I shared about this process in the post on my 12 Life Disciplines. So I decided to cut myself some slack – treat Monday like Sunday and begin again refreshed on Tuesday.

Monday 18 March, 2013


am: rest – it felt like it should be Sunday morning after my weekend so I enjoyed a sleep-in.

pm: Boxing class (45 minutes) – I wanted to do some training and by the afternoon I was feeling ready.



I was really feeling the need to drink loads of water today.

am: 3 litres purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, green smoothie (1/2 litre).

pm: 3 litres purified rainwater. Beans. Homemade pumpkin, chickpea and vegetable soup with rosemary and chilli. You know last week I could not believe how radiant my skin looked. I joked about it to Queen Bee whom I bought my pumpkin from that my skin is glowing like a pumpkin. Well I have done a little research on the humble pumpkin and discovered that the reason for this glow is that pumpkin is an amazing beauty food!

pumpkin soup

Tuesday 19 March, 2013


Feeling 100% better today and ready to get back into training! I woke up nice and early today – did my Hour of Power then hit the gym!

am: Supersets today – quads, back and biceps then some core work! Mixed them all up so as to keep the heart rate up and used the 4 set decreasing rep technique (12-10-8-12) unless otherwise specified. Training Time: 50 minutes.


leg extensions (pin #4-5-6), biceps 21’s on 12.5kg barbell (2 x 21 reps), dumbbell flys 3kg (3 x 12 reps), walking lunges (20 steps) carrying dumbbells (9-10-12.5), wide grip pull-ups (pin #8-7-6) to exhaustion could only complete 4 reps on pin#6, military chin-ups   (pin #8-7-6), squats 40kg (3 x 15), dumbbell row (9-10-12.5), dumbbell curls (6-7-8-6). Core: 3 x 15 reps on hanging vertical bench (engages biceps and shoulders).

Relaxation: sauna therapy 10 minutes [click here to read the amazing benefits of sauna] and hot shower.

Young woman relaxing in sauna.

pm: Back to back classes – Boxing (60 minutes)and Balance (60 minutes) – totally smashed it in ‘the ring’ – probably the most intense drill was the final one – about 5 or 6 rounds of 30 high jabs/10 second hover in push up position (complete killer give it a try!)


Had a really good stretch of the hamstrings tonight, I can feel them slowly loosening up, feels so, so good! I’ve been working on my flexibility over the past few weeks and it is good to start feeling the results.


am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, 2 gooey boiled eggs and sauté veggies (courgette, red onion, garlic, brocoli, asparagus & cabbage). Latte.

pm: tuna in springwater (90g can) with salad of fresh baby spinach, capsicum and lebanese cucumber dressed with a sprinkling of pepitas and fresh lemon from my garden.1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea. Homemade pumpkin, chickpea and vegetable soup with rosemary and chilli. 1 cup of green tea.

Wednesday 20 March, 2013



am: Hill Sprints this morning (for training ideas click here) – 20 minutes of sprints up, jog back down, no rest in between.  Light drizzle didn’t hold me back! That should kick my metabolism up a notch for the rest of the day!

pm: I hit the gym this afternoon after work – what a great time to do weights I did my supersets again this week – targeting hamstrings and chest and wow I felt super strong!

Routine: dumbbell chest press on incline bench 4 sets of 12 (9-10) alternating with lying leg curl (pin# 3) 3 x 15 reps; straight leg deadlifts with 20kg barbell 3 x 15 reps; dumbbell chest flys (5-6-7-5)  alternating with hamstring curls on swiss ball; chest dips (pin# 8-7-6) alternating with back extension with plates (5-10-15); core work: decline crunches (3 x 20 reps) followed by a good stretch – yummy!

chest press


am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, 1 green smoothie (500mL). Latte.

pm: 1 litre crystal springs water, 2 bananas, 1 apple, 1 plum. Vegetarian nachos, 2 cups green tea, 1 litre purified rainwater.

Thursday 21 March, 2013


bench dips

I had a date with my triceps this morning!

am: 10 minute power walk warm up @ 10% incline. Bench dips with 5 kg plate on lap (3 x 15 reps);  tricep push ups (3 x 10 reps), lying tricep curls with 10kg barbell (3 x 15 reps); tricep extensions using decreasing rep technique (4-5-6-4). Shoulder press using decreasing rep technique (4-5-6-4), shoulder press with barbell 10 kg and 12.5kg (2 x 10 reps). Finished off with a 1000m blast on the rower in 4:45 minutes – this seriously got my heart rate up – fantastic!

pm: Smashed out an intense 20 minute session with my awesome training partner today. It started raining so we relocated from the park to the verandah at my office. Never let obstacles become an excuse!


Today we implemented K.I.S.S. (keep it super simple) – 30 hard jabs/one burpee (no jump) [3 minutes] followed by skip rope [1 minute] – 6 rounds = 20 minutes. We both felt so so good afterward!

box 2


am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, 2 gooey boiled eggs and sauté veggies (brocoli, asparagus, courgette, red onion, garlic & cabbage). Latte.

pm: Wild mushroom arinicini from Urban Pantry(bottom left corner), 1 banana, 1 litre crystal springs water.  Homemade pumpkin, chickpea and vegetable soup with rosemary and chilli.


Friday 22 March, 2013

So my alarm clock apparently crawled under my pillow overnight….


As an alternative to my swim session, I did a little cycling around town whilst running some errands today. You would be surprised what a simple swich from car to bicycle can do for your health, vitality and happiness. I love riding my vintage bicycle and always feel happy pedaling about. Cycling for every day transport is very popular in many cities across the world and brings you back to a slower and more relaxed pace of life whilst burning calories without even noticing. I remember when visiting with friends in the Netherlands, the first thing my friend Maaike sorted for me upon my arrival was a bicycle. Like everyone in my friend’s town, we went everywhere on our bicycles and it was January the middle of their winter. Furthermore I cannot recall meeting one Dutch person who was overweight or obese. It’s just the most delightful way to get about.  There are lots of different accessories you can add to your bicycle to create storage so that there are no excuses to get pedalling and leave the car at home!



am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, green smoothie.

pm: 2 gooey boiled eggs and sauté veggies (brocoli, asparagus, courgette, red onion, garlic & cabbage). Turkey mince bolognese sauté with asparagus, onion and cabbage served with udon (Japanese) noodle.

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